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We offer integrative gynecological and pregancy care for women of all age groups and in all stages of life.


Our motto is: become healthy, be healthy, stay healthy

Symptoms of disease are the language of our body to tell us that something is wrong. There are several effective possibilities to approach your concerns: Treat the symptoms (for example with medication) with the goal of solving the issue. In certain cases there may be a hidden problem that our body tried to show us with the symptoms. It may not have been completely solved yet. If you wish, we can then further look into finding an underlying cause and try to correct it.

For example, this might be achievable by changes in your life style. Especially chronic illnesses can improve this way significantly and lastingly. This path takes a little more initiative, but it will lead to long lasting, true healing and health.

We would be honored to be your steady companion on your way to health and happiness. You can count on us no matter where you are in your life.

Use your visit with us to slow down, take a deep breath, drink a tea in our waiting room. We will take time for you and your concerns.

If desired, counseling in nutrition, optimizing your lifestyle and parent coaching can be part of your regular appointment as much as your gynecological care or pregnancy care.

Find balance in your life, your relationship and your family - trust your instincts - find a way to grow - become healthy and happy.

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